Our School

Situated in one of the oldest and most historical buildings in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Miguel de Cervantes School of Spanish gives you the opportunity to taste the culture of Guatemala while you learn.

How you study Spanish is your choice. You have the option to learn the Spanish language with private instruction, outdoors in one of the quaint courtyards, upstairs on a balcony or deck, or take your Spanish lessons indoors amongst the tall ceilings surrounded by art. At our school you won’t be trapped in some small stuffy classroom in the summer.

Our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching the Spanish language. They design the teaching programs to accommodate the needs and desires of each student. We encourage our teachers and students to get outside the classroom to visit the historical, cultural, inviting places of Xela, the jewel of Guatemala. Or perhaps take a couple hours to visit one of the many market places sprinkled throughout the city. Learning to speak Spanish can simply be a part of your vacation to our great city, there is lots to see.

The city is safe. There is very little crime in Xela. The reason for this is that our major industry is education. Xela boasts 5 universities more than 25 trade schools plus 30 language schools. People from all over the world come here to get educated. The colonial atmosphere plus the blend of education and old world values makes Xela one of the safest destinations in all of Central America.

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