Our Director

The owner-operator of Miguel de Cervantes, Sary Leticia Muñoz De Leon is 35 years old, a poet, artist, and friend.
She has an Engineering degree from The University of Francisco Marroquin (Mesoamericana) in Xela (Quetzaltenango), and she has been teaching there for 9 years following graduation. Being young and vital there is no better person to teach you how to speak Spanish!

October 2008, Camino de Santiago Spain

sary-guatemalan-spanish-school-directorThe “Camino” is like our “life journey” in many ways. When I walk I like to look far away. I like to keep my eyes on the horizon. I know that at some point my next “stop”, my “goal” will become apparent to me. I have goals, dreams, and wishes. I keep walking toward them. My short term goals…to be a great mom for my daughter,  to have a successful school, to be a great teacher, create an NGO, keep studying, work, travel, among others. However my long term goals are there too and they are not less meaningful to me.  I am conscious that I will be committed to them for the remainder of my life.  In the mountains above Xela lies a piece of land. My dream is to build a school there. A place with horses. A safe place for orphans to learn and play. I wish to give them education and to mold them to be the future leaders of my country Guatemala.

Starting Miguel de Cervantes School is only the beginning of the construction of a beautiful network of good people. When the time comes to walk into the next phase of my “Camino”, I will have many doors to knock on. I know for sure that I will not be alone.